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Science Festival

On october fourteenth - The Day of National Education - there was a Science Festival organized by school's headmasters and a firm from Warsaw. Everyone from our school has participated in this event.

For safety, all of the classes we're divided into small groups, which (in different times) were going on robotic workshops. In a room, there were a few boxes with Lego parts: the youth was going to work in groups of 2-4 people. Guided by an instructor, students put together robots. It was full of fun but also learning and focusing. After making a short test of driving the robots, the machines were disassembled and parts of it were back in the box. Then,this time in the sports hall, there was the next amazing event. Before the show started, we could see two stands, the first one with a 3D printer and the second: with some containers and chemicals.

A young man showed students, how some chemical agents combined with each other work, with a little help of volunteers from the audience. For example, making fake blood used in movies or showing how ice spray can boil in chemical labs even under the influence of human's body temperature! He set the test tube with ice spray on fire. It usually would fade away, but this time it persisted, thanks to the steam emerging from ice. Soon, the man suggested to set a desk on fire! He spilled the substance all over it. The fire ignited, but in a moment was completly gone, the desk wasn't even hot! This experiment was really shoking! Going back to the 3D printer, "the young chemist" explained to the students how it works and what could easily make the modern device to mislead. Next to the printer, we could see amazing projects that were made with it. We were able to watch them after the presentation. Some of them could even glow in the dark!
Not only were students taught about robotics, amazing possibilities of chemistry and the 3D printer, the Warsaw firm decided to pass mini Yoda figurines from Star Wars, made by the same printer we could see in the event to first three students that donated money to a certain fundraiser. The charity is dedicated to a little boy - Aleksander, who has cystic fibrosis. In brief, the illness causes lung failure. It's genetic and very hard to cross.

The whole school wants to collect as much money as possible for the sick boy. If someone is interested in helping him, you can find more information about this topic on a Facebook page called "Aleksander MukoWojownik".

We think that the Science Festival was an unique and educating idea! We also want to thank the school's headmasters and the Warsaw firm for organizing and hosting the show!
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Kasia, Antek, Oliwia and Nina from class 7a  

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Nina, Oliwia and Kasia from 7A